Fred Hubbell Bought An Abortion Clinic For Planned Parenthood

Fred brags about buying an abortion clinic for Planned Parenthood in Dubuque.


The majority of citizens in Dubuque, Iowa, made it clear over the years that they did not want Planned Parenthood nor their abortion services in their community.  In fact, when Planned Parenthood operated out of a store-front location, the pro-life citizens made certain they were prayerfully on the the sidewalk in front of the clinic every hour Planned Parenthood was open.


As a result, Planned Parenthood was soon looking for new space. A location that wasn’t quite so easy for pro-life advocates to reach abortion-vulnerable women.

Stymied again by the passion of pro-life citizens for women and unborn babies, Planned Parenthood found a “savior” in Fred Hubbell, who purchased a new building for them.  

Planned Parenthood happily announced in January 2014 that they would be moving into this new location.  


wrong way fred planned parenthood dubuque closed 02

Having opened the Hubbell-purchased location in 2014, Planned Parenthood would, in less than two years, announce that they were abandoning that building, and Dubuque. The truth is that center closed for good just a few years later in April 2016.


It now houses the life-affirming Clarity Clinic.


Why isn’t Fred Hubbell telling the whole truth about this?

January 2014 Dubuque PPH announcement_Part One
January 2014 Dubuque PPH announcement_Part Two

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